May 30, 2021

9:45 AM

Praise & Worship “Glorious Day/Reckless Love/Jesus We Love You”
Scripture Genesis 50:15-21 Emily Griffith
Message “But God…” Pastor Ron McClung
Response “O Come to the Alter”

9:45 AM

Worship “Jesus We Love You”
Children’s Message
Worship “I Know Who Holds my Hand”
Offering Pastor L. Hoptry
Video “Remembrance”
Scripture Genesis 50:15-21 Theo Atkinson
Message “But God…” Sr. Pastor Ron McClung
Response “I Surrender All” #451
Sending Forth…

2021 Deacons

If your last name ends with –

A,F,K     Rick Dudis

B, M      Frank Budd

C, R       Dan McGowan

D,I         Kim Winter

G,T,E    Bobby Boggess

H, N      John Gabhart

J,P,S      Paul Pigott

W, O      Jimmy Rogers

L,V,U,Y  Nate Meadows

Your Deacon is ready to serve you.


Greeters for May 30
9:45 & 11:00 A.M.
Dana Stower
Bob & Yvonne Bagley

New Bible Study

March 10th at 7pm with Pastor Ron. “One Word Nuggets in the Word”

You are Invited

to Yvonne Bagley’s 80th Birthday Party in gym. May 30th—2-4PM.

Memorials have been given to Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in memory of Ann Hoppe, Sharon McClung’s mother and in memory of Rick Martin’s

The lawn mowing sign-up calendar is in the Welcome Center for those who would like to help with the mowing this year. We have mowing equipment available to use. Thank you for your help!                         

Jeff Blackburn