Become a Greeter at Mt Vernon Baptist Church


  1. A protective Mask

 2. Welcoming Eyes

3. Eagerness to Welcome.

The Present Greeters are:


1 Art and Peggy Krivsky,

8 John and Joan Starcher,

15 Dan and Carol McGowen, Mark and Karen Miller

22 Steve and Linda Sansom, Chad Miller

29 Kim and Ashley Davis, Steve and Brenda Sheppard


6 Glen and Val Lane, Barbara Ball

13 Paul and Wanda Pigott, Rob and Debbie Downing

20 Vickie Underwood and Frank Budd27 Dale and Kathy Adkins, Dave Dailey

Live Embers

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We have missed our Fellowship with You.  

Can we get together for Cookies and Ice Cream on December 17, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the Welcome Center at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church?

We can share any other desserts that you might bring and just enjoy some Christmas time together. Cards but no gifts.

Masks and distances will be observed.