We are trying to collect names to support a new meal train ministry!  This is actually a very old ministry but we are trying to better promote it and get ourselves organized!  


Members of the church often provide meals to other families when that family is going through special circumstances (baby’s birth, illness, surgery, etc.), but a lot of times, we are unaware of the need or it is always the same person providing those meals.


If you are interested in supporting this ministry, please email your name, phone number, and email address to attn: Diana to secretary@mvbaptistchurch.org 


The plan is to create a database (list) of the people who are willing to participate. When a need is realized, we will go down the list and call on a few people at a time to provide meals (the first 5 will prepare meals the first event, the second 5 will prepare meals the next event, and so on down the list).  


Thank you so much!