Charles and Pamela Chitekwe are from Malawi, Southern Africa. They do a lot of  charity work across Africa, play leadership roles, and missionary work in the rural  areas of Africa winning so many souls to Christ and transforming their lives to become  productive and useful citizens. The Chitekwe family joined the Mount Vernon Baptist  team to express their deep gratitude, desire appreciation for allowing God to use them as his vessels to achieve his purpose in their lives as a family since the time that they arrived in the USA from Malawi. They consequently joined Mount Vernon Baptist Church and they have not been holding back in service to the Lord. They have  experienced God’s deep and immeasurable love that cannot be expressed with words which has prompted them to allow God to use them to reach out to others to share  and express his Love as modelled by His sacrifice on the cross and the renouncing of  the heavenly privileges for the sake of Love. The Chitekwe family has been relentlessly  sharing their testimony with the church and the world to draw them to the fountain of  Love and Blessings that is Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Pam and Charles Chitekwe serve  the Mount Vernon team as Outreach, Ministry and Small Groups Leaders. Their  ministry roles include conducting bible studies, teaching God’s word, evangelism,  outreach mission work and church communications.  

Charles and Pam believe that the talents and skills that the Lord has blessed them with cannot only be beneficial to others but it might also inspire them to continue  sharing the Love of God through his gospel by modelling some of the Godly  characteristics they have learned from the Spirit of God. They have expressed their  desire to share their intellectual and physical resources to the church to nurture and 

inspire others to the Fountain of Life. They are very passionate about the great  commission since they developed a relationship with Jesus Christ.