Ron McClung

Senior Pastor

Lawrence Hoptry

Pastoral Care, Senior Ministry, Adult Bible Studies

Amber Elmore

Children’s Minister

Adam Cavender

Worship Director

Seth Skiles

Choir Director

Ellen Walker

Advisor and Choir Communications

Charles and Pam Chitekwe

Pastoral Couple Assisting Marketing, Discipleship, Small Group Director, Communication

Grover and Vicki Morris

Pastoral Couple Assisting With Seniors, Small Groups, Visitation, Pastoral Care, and Christian Education

Cory and Sarah Brown

Youth Ministry Directors

Malcolm Detwiler

Intern in Ministry, Transitions Director (young adults)

Kessach Lester

Hope For Addiction Director, God’s Grace Ministry Director, Biblical Counselor

Florence Ann Ballard

Church Secretary and Office Administrator

Rachel Dailey

Custodial Care and Prayer Shawl Ministry Leader